Mr. Shyamlal Patel is a progressive farmer of Aurakala village. He is also a president of Hitendra farmers club. Hitendra farmers club was formed in the year 2013 by the guidance of CHDP project. Mr. Shyamlal is a differently able person and lives with his wife and 4 children in Chunubandh village of Aurakala panchayat. Being illiterate, his life has become tough to cope up with the present life situation. However, as he came in contact with the project,

he has enkindled hope for his family. 

In the beginning Mr. Syamlal started bio farming to reduce the input cost in farming and to take  nutritious  rice and vegetable for his family. For doing

bio-farming he made different type bio-manure like vermin compost, cow pit, nadef and neem saar pesticide. In the mean while he tapped many resources from agriculture and horticulture department. Mr. Shyamlal encouraged his club members to adopt bio farming and get benefited.

He was able to inspire many other farmers in his village through his consistent hard work in agriculture. Now the officials from concern agriculture departments have been visiting his farm to learn about his bio-farming and get to know his life transformation story. These new initiatives have become a model for bio-agriculture farming in the district. However, in the month of November 2017 he tapped a solar pump through the scheme of CREDA and

he motivated other farmers to get the solar pump. With his initiative 10 solar pumps were installed in three villages.

Mr. Shyamlal was encouraged and guided by the project staffs for taping government resources. Now he is able to get water for irrigation and cultivate vegetables all through the season. In this way his life has been changed.