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It’s a story of a 19 year old boy. His social alienation, the coming together of God’s grace

and His people in bringing succour to this young boy.Sonu was born as the youngest

son in a family of farmers. His parents noticed that he was not normal like other

babies. He had an open bladder. The urine was continuously dribbling.

The worried parents took the baby to a tertiary government medical centre.

He underwent a battery of investigations. They realised that they would have to

wait for their turn. That meant waiting period of months. The family had their

farms to attend to. If crops failed they will not have food or money. They decided

to leave their baby to his fate and took him home. The boy grew anyway.When he

was sent to the school the boys with him wouldn’t sit with him. He used to smell

of urine. His clothes would be always wet. One day his teacher called him and said

that he should not attend school henceforth because others in his class could not

study because of him. That was the end of his schooling. He stepped out of his school

to never return back.

This was just the beginning. He could not attend any public functions. He did not

have any friends. His parents had no use of him; you could not make a boy who was 

continuously wetting his pants to work in the fields. Depressed dismayed he remained

until one day he heard about CCH and the caring team there. He convinced his brother

to take him to CCH. God works in amazing ways. Dr. Sampath Karl from CMC vellore

was conducting a surgical camp along with Dr. Ashish Sam Samuel and


Dr. Joseph Abraham. After 4 hours of surgery Sonu’s bladder was closed and urethra

reconstructed. There was smile on Sonu’s face.  

Staff of the hospital individually collectively gave him company and encouraged him.

This was also the opportunity to share gospel with him. He saw the love Christ in action

in the people who showed concern. The young boy showed extraordinary

inner strength to with stand this. All CCH staffs happily contributed towards Sonu’s

treatment while he was going to CMC, Vellore for further management and after the

surgery he came back to us with a big smile in his face to testify what the Lord

has done in his life. Wow what an amazing God who healed this young boy. 




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